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Art and Design: Introductory Studies

The Extended Programme for Art and Design gives students who do not display sufficient technical and/or conceptual abilities the opportunity to do the Introductory Course over two years instead of one.

Mixed media by Janno Scholtz

If you are accepted for the Extended Programme you may initially be disappointed, however you will find that the additional augmented tuition will help you to develop your abilities and you will soon feel that your work is on a par with that of the standard Introductory students.

The first year of your Extended Programme will consist of Drawing, Theory of Art, Communication, and Life Skills. At the end of the year, if you have passed all projects and assignments, you will have first year credits in all these courses. In your second year of the Extended Programme you will complete the Design, Painting and Sculpture courses as well as Life Skills and will then have credits for the 2D and 3D components of the Introductory Course.

At this stage you will be interviewed for the mainstream second year options that you select along with the standard Introductory students. Admission to the second year is conditional on the successful completion of all of the Introductory Course subjects.

 Extended Programme student feedback:

“This course was a privilege for me. I never thought I could draw but the more I practice the better I have become.” - Entia du Piesanie

“I love it! I love it! I love it!!! The Extended Course has opened my eyes to so many things. I have learned to appreciate art of any movement and my ability to create art has improved so much!!” - Monique Fourie

“I absolutely have no regrets having chosen to do the Extended Course. I have learnt and improved my drawing skills. This has given me the opportunity to open my eyes to all different forms of art and I can now appreciate it.” - Saabirah Noorshib

“There were two reasons why I woke up in the morning: my alarm clock and the Arts Department K18 studio. It was awesome.” - Berlinah Lehoko

“At first I wasn’t happy that I was put in the Extended Programme, but I have learnt a lot about art and it’s all thanks to the lecturer’s that we have and I feel that the Programme should continue.” - Andiswa Nkata