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Art and Design: Introductory Studies

During the Art & Design Introductory Course you will be registered for Drawing, Theory of Art, Communication, 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Studies. You are required to pass all these subjects in order to progress to second year. The lecturers are all specialists in their fields and have years of teaching experience, so it is in your best interests to avail yourself of their expertise. During the course of the year you will be introduced to basic art principles including composition, structure, shape, tone, texture, perspective, stylization, the use of a variety of mediums and colour through a number of interesting and stimulating projects.

However, if these skills are not sufficiently evident, you may be offered a place in the Extended Academic Curriculum. Basically this course will give you the opportunity to do the Introductory course over two years with additional time and extra projects from lecturers.

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