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Art and Design: Introductory Studies

2-Dimensional Studies consists of the following subsection:

  • Design
  • Photography
  • Studio Arts


Some work from our archives:

Photograph by Russell Kana 2006

Painting by Amy Keevy 2006

Print by Pwavidan Mathias 2007



Photographs by Clanelle Burger




Painting by A. Terblanche 2006


Mixed media by Clanelle Burger 2007

Print by Joalane Koenane 2007

Painting by Bamanye Ngxale 2007

Print by Megan Goldie 2007

Painting by Amy Keevy 2006

Design by Romy Brauteseth 2007

Design by Michelle Hoch 2007

Print by Clanelle Burger 2007